Mazama Bar

Frequently Asked Questions


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What are Mazama Bars?

Mazama Bars are the ultimate energy bars for fueling outdoor adventure. Each great-tasting bar is packed with satisfying nutrition to give you the long-lasting energy you need to get out and climb that peak, cross that finish line, or ski all day.


Mazama Bars help you get out fast and stay out longer. They don't need to be refrigerated, and they taste great in hot or cold weather. Convenient and portable, Mazama Bar means less planning, less packing, and less weight to carry when you’re on the go. And that makes your favorite activities even more enjoyable.


How are Mazama Bars better than other energy bars?

When you’re out exploring, you need more than just a snack. Mazama Bars were specifically designed with the active person in mind and are more nutrient-dense than other bars on the market. With about 400 well-balanced calories, each Mazama Bar packs a solid meal into just 3.25 ounces. >> How many calories do I burn?


Mazama Bars are hand-made with the best natural ingredients sourced from the Pacific Northwest. Unlike most syrup-packed bars, our first two ingredients are whole rolled oats and dates, and we don’t use overly-processed soy protein isolates. Mazama Bars are also preservative-free and cold-pressed to retain the highest nutrient content.


What makes Mazama Bars so tasty?

Our focus is on making great-tasting bars that don’t sacrifice health or performance. Each bar is made with real ingredients fresh from the Pacific Northwest, like whole rolled oats, dried fruit, nuts, nut butters, seeds, and real dark chocolate (not carob chips). Mazama Bars are natural and preservative-free, so there isn’t a weird chemical aftertaste like you’ll find in other bars.


When should I eat Mazama Bars?

Mazama Bars supply energy to your muscles, help meet carbohydrate demands, and curb hunger, which makes them ideal for a variety of uses. Mazama Bars can be eaten during prolonged endurance activities like hiking and skiing, or eaten a few hours before intense or highly aerobic exercise. Mazama Bars are also ideal for recovery, snacks, and meal replacement.


Why can’t I just eat a different energy bar instead?

You can, but we'll probably leave you in the dust. Mazama Bars contain quality carbohydrates, healthy fats, and essential protein. Other bars get most of their carbohydrates from highly-refined sugars, and a lot of their fats are saturated. They also lack fiber and are loaded with preservatives and hard-to-pronounce ingredients. Your body deserves better than that.


How do Mazama Bars stay fresh without preservatives?

Mazama Bar’s wholesome ingredients are naturally shelf-stable, so they don’t require chemical preservatives to stay fresh. Mazama Bars are best when they’re eaten within 6 months (not that we think you’ll be able to wait that long), but they’ll stay fresher for even longer if you store them in a cool area.


Why do Mazama Bars contain less protein than some bars?

Each Mazama Bar has about 10 grams of protein, sourced from minimally-processed ingredients like nuts and whole grains. But while protein is essential for tissue repair and preserving lean muscle mass, it’s actually your body’s last choice for fuel during exercise. Mazama Bars are designed for efficient use of energy, and protein doesn’t convert to usable energy as quickly as carbs. Mazama Bars have a 5:1 carb to protein ratio to give your body the nutrients it needs without slowing you down. It’s also ideal for recovery after exercise.


Why do Mazama Bars contain more fat than some bars?

During moderate-intensity activity like skiing and hiking, your body strategically metabolizes fats at a faster rate and saves essential carbs so you don’t bonk. Mazama Bars are packed with heart-healthy mono- and polyunsaturated fats and omega fatty acids that have been shown to lower LDL (bad) cholesterol levels and reduce stomach fat accumulation. They also help your body absorb certain vitamins and boost body temperature in cold weather. With a higher caloric density than carbs or protein, fat is an ideal energy source for endurance activity.


What is the carbohydrate make-up in Mazama Bars?

Carbohydrates are the body’s main source of fuel and are easily used by the body for energy. In fact, your muscles really can’t function at all without them! Simple carbs deliver a quick boost during activity so you don’t hit the wall. We use dried fruits and low glycemic index brown rice syrup to bring blood sugars up without causing major insulin spikes. Complex carbs and dietary fiber slow the absorption of simple carbs, which provides sustained energy and keeps you full. This optimal carbo-combo makes Mazama Bars excellent for managing blood sugar and keeping you going for hours.


Will Mazama Bar work for my special diet?

Mazama Bars are natural, GMO-free (no genetically modified organisms), and vegan friendly, but we are not certified organic or gluten free. Mazama Bars contain several types of tree nuts, and our chocolate contains a small amount of soy lecithin. If you have any allergies, please check each flavor for information regarding that specific bar.


Where did the name Mazama Bar come from?

Our name comes from Mt. Mazama, which was a massive volcano in the Cascade Range in Oregon. It erupted in 5,677 BC and the entire mountain collapsed into itself, creating a huge crater. Over time, it filled with snow and rain, creating Crater Lake - the deepest lake in the US. You can see the lake’s crater and small island in the graphic on the Mazama Bar logo.