Mazama Bar


Mazama Bars are the best energy bars around. Need convincing? Check out what our awesome fans have to say!

Ashton Eaton - Decathalon Gold Medal and World Record Holder:

"Mazama bars are tasty and incredible and saved my life during HTC.  They are like a meal in themselves and there were multiple occasions when I was running on fumes and needed the energy."

BACKPACKER Magazine - Fall/Winter Gear Guide 2012:

"Mazama Bar Hazelnut Mocha Bar: Fuel chilly alpine starts with this coffee-flavored, all-natural meal-replacement bar. “At 410 calories, it’s high-powered, and the hefty dose of protein [10g], fiber [6g], and fat [21g] kept me full for hours,” says one tester, adding “if it freezes solid, you can still bite into it.” The subtle coffee flavor makes the Hazelnut Mocha bar a natural fit for morning, but testers also loved the Chocolate Banana and Wild Berry flavors."


Mishell from Maple Valley, WA:

"We tried the Wild Berry energy bar from the Mazama Country Store. It really sticks with you, and it tasted so good and was moist (not dry like ClifBars, which we have eaten our share of over the last 10+ years). It was the only snack we had in four hours of hard Nordic skiing uphill with a sustained 1,000+ foot elevation gain. It's the only energy snack we needed! We loved it so much, we bought more for our future Nordic ski trips!"

Wayne from Eugene, OR:

"This is the best tasting energy bar I have every eaten. Beats Clif Bars, Power Bars, and everything else I have tried. And I've tried them all having run 13 marathons and 8 ultramarathons, including the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run. Treat yourselves!"

Stacy from Port Orchard, WA:

"Just got back from my 4 night/5 day backpacking trip through the N. Cascades, and my first time trying the Mazama Bar...I have to tell you, and I am being completely honest here, it is without a doubt the BEST bar I have ever tasted. The texture, taste and quality of nutrition puts every other bar I've tried to shame (and I've tried A LOT). They were THAT good. 

Mazama Bar customer Stacy at Whatcom Peak with Hazelnut Mocha bar

My mom and I looked forward to eating them every morning at breakfast. What a treat. I'm going to be ordering more and using them to fuel my backcountry trips in the future. Absolutely DELICIOUS - thank you, you guys totally hit the nail on the head with these bars, they are AWESOME. 


Mike from Denver, CO:

"The Mazama Bars are great and they truly gave me the extra punch to get over Vail Pass, 10,600'. They are not only great tasting, but the best fuel that I have used on long difficult rides."

Geoff from Winthrop, WA:

"A small group of us climbed and skied Mt. Adams (SW Chutes) two weeks ago. 16 hours x 16 miles x 16K up and down with a 3AM start. The weather on top was semi-burly but our descent and lunch, I am happy report, were both of excellent quality. As part of an unplanned taste test we passed around comparative bits of a Clif Bar, a Luna Bar, and a Mazama Bar. There was no debate. The Mazama Bar ruled. Great texture, great taste, easy to digest.


In fact, the only suggestion for improvement I could offer is some clever Taoist phraseology printed inside the wrapper that would have made us forego another 500’ of tree skiing and turn east instead which would have gotten us back to the cars an hour earlier. Good luck with your promotion of a great product."


Lornie from Vashon, WA:

"My husband and I recently finished a 27-mile roundrip backpacking adventure - The delicious Mazama Bars were our lunch and got us thru the day :) We loved all three varieties but I think Mochas was my favorite. I highly recommend these as not only delicious, but nutritious. Thanks!"

Bruce from San Francisco, CA:

"I made the mistake of only taking 4 bars to Tahoe over the weekend. I sliced them up and let my kids and their better halfs try them and they were gone within minutes. Everybody loved them. We’ll be ordering more. The bar are delicious, healthy and loved the packaging. We will be customers for life!!!"


Kathleen from Eugene, OR:

"Got the bars. OMG they are amazing! What I thought was especially cool was that I recently met with a member of my running club who is a nutritionist and she said the proportions of carbs, protein and fat should be just what you have in your bars!

Mike from Denver, CO:

"The Mazama Bars are great and they truly gave me the extra punch to get over Vail Pass, 10,600'. They are not only great tasting, but the best fuel that I have used on long difficult rides."


Jeff from Eugene, OR:

"Staying fit and lean is key to the activities I do, and coincidentally how much I enjoy those activities. 2-3 times a week I have replaced my daily lunch with a Mazama Bar. This is the first energy bar I’ve had that I’m sorry it’s gone when I am done. A Mazama Bar is now the first part of my pre-race routine (I started racing way too late in life, so I need all the help I can get). I have a Mazama Bar an hour before a race and the results are better than if I don’t. Thanks for making a great product."



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